Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Chindu's Seven Stages for dealing with the N-Deal issue

The nuclear deal with a momentum like the Titanic raising across the Atlantic has been a big cause of heartache for Chindu its LiC and most of all its political masters the Left(CPM). With all statements and approvals coming as the UPA predicted the Chindu is left to complain about sour grapes. At this stage it seems as though the falling of the deal is being compared to the loss of someone close. Hence the seven stages of grief comes into picture,
  1. Shock & Denial - The loss of the trust vote lead to numerous articles covering the bribe scandal and other issues.
  2. Pain & guilt - The weeks following that, Chindu moaned about how the nation would become nuclear slaves to the West and how this could've been prevented.
  3. Anger & Bargaining - Now that the deal is on its way to approval as the American amigos had stated, Harish Khare gives a sermon that even though the deal is approved, the leaders should weild the responsibility with care. The article reads what Ben Parker would have told Peter had he been dying in a hospital bed instead of being shot. The remaining stages are listed below and would be interesting to see how the Chindu responds.
  4. Depression, Loneliness
  5. Upward turn
  6. Reconstruction and working through
  7. Acceptance and Hope - Its 2009 and election season!


Anonymous said...

Don't forget that it all started with "An honest and just agreement..." to a historic U-Turn by our LiC

Anonymous said...

Pleasant surprise!

Sidharth Varadarajan telling some truth about China's anti-India moves at the recent NSG meeting. I am sure N Ram will not let this to be printed in Chindu.

Some quotes from the article:

"Disputing official Chinese accounts of Beijing having played a "constructive" role in last week's Nuclear Suppliers Group meeting on India, diplomats from several NSG states say China stood by the handful of countries resisting approval of the India waiver and only backed off when it saw the opposition melt away on the morning of September 6."

"And after the waiver came through, the Indian government made its displeasure at Beijing's role publicly known as well."

China's foreign minister, Yang Jiechi, said ""Our policy was set from a long time"

Varadarajan writes:
" The fact that the Chinese decision was so late coming is at variance with the idea that its policy had been set "from a long time". Unless, say diplomats, its policy itself was to play for time in the hope that the seven countries would do the heavy lifting. And face the maximum flak, in case the waiver was successfully blocked."

"It is my view that China was hoping the exemption would be delayed to such an extent that India might walk away", a diplomat from one of the G-6 countries told me in an email message.

and more...

Anonymous said...

This seems to be one of comrade Khare's rare pontifications wherein BJP does not figure, even once. "Secularism" is also conspicuously absent. Perhpas Khare had to fulfil his weekly quota of writings and had to somewhat fill up the space.

Anonymous said...

Different topic..

The Supreme Court of India always asserted that reservations cannot exceed 50%. The idea is that while reservation may help uplift weaker sections, we cannot justify proportionate representation based on caste or religion in jobs and educational institutions.

This guy, Justice Balakrishnan was in such haste to clear all hurdles to reservations in Central educational institutions but now appears dumb and paralyzed on the issue of reservations exceeding 50% in several states including Tamil Nadu? This paralysis on the part of Supreme Court emboldened Rajasthan to exceed the 50% limit that the Supreme Court was previously so adamant about. Andhra Pradesh is next. These states are also opposed to any creamy layer provision.

Anonymous said...

Like someone here observed, this Marxist is fixated on USA. For these guys, chased out of their previous bastions of Soviet Union and East Europe, discussing about faith in public is an unforgivable sin.

The almighty and the electorate

P. Sainath

Neither Barack Obama nor John McCain had a problem with the idea that two potential Presidents of the U.S. could submit themselves to very public interviews on a religious platform.

Anonymous said...

For Chindu & Co., the only folks who can publicly (even violently, at the slihtest of pretext) exhibit their religious faith, are Muslims.

Dirt Digger said...

Anon #1,
yeah once the Chinese were arm twisted to give their blessing, Chindu fell in line.

Dirt Digger said...

Anon #2,
Yup. LiC will keep any news which even hints that China is trying to take action against India from the public. Interesting for Sid to talk about this.
Speaking of Sid, we've not seen Bairavi for a while now here...

Dirt Digger said...

Anon #3,
In this case Chindu having supported the BJP through the n-deal would look like an idiot if it did a volte face. Perhaps that was one reason why they did not jump against the saffron party.

Dirt Digger said...

Anon #4,
thanks for your thoughts. One of us might take on this topic based on future developments.

Dirt Digger said...

Anon #5,
As the reader Anon $6 pointed out below, the Chindu often is hypocritical in its stance on religion. One one hand it talks about minorities and the rights to sell their faith and on the other hand it tries to bite anything capitalist just for propaganda sakes.
Just cheap shots by Sainath who has no original ideas to contribute.

Anonymous said...

Drummer Khare is Indian media's most ardent devotee of Sonia Mata.

"Sonia Gandhi… the Congress can legitimately try to project her as the iconic leader around whom a new intellectual and ideological narrative can be crafted." - Harish Khare

Anonymous said...

A sophisticated sycophant, using bombastic language just to display his loyalty. He wants "intellectual and ideological narrative" to be crafted around an illiterate 'leader'.