Sunday, April 17, 2011

Will CPM stronghold West Bengal be stormed?

As West Bengal goes to the polls, there is some outlook that the last bastion of communism in India in West Bengal could fall by the wayside.
The CPM and its goons have been past masters of the art of stuffing ballots, strong arm techniques, spending money, any and every dark art of trumping up votes. However this time Mamta's Trinamool Congress with its support on the upswing along with the money and resources from the Congress at the Centre has made this a fight of the heavy weights. Its a battle UPA needs to win given the dismal few months with the Wikileaks exposes to the recent corruption marches. Typically with a heavy turnout one can expect a change in the regime. But with the ballot stuffing one never knows.
If the regime changes, CPM will be on the fast road to political extinction. It will clearly affect the loyalties of cHindu and perhaps announce the retirement of LiC.

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Thyagarajan said...

I am not sure if the alternative, in the form of Trinamool/ Congress combine, would improve the politics or quality of life in that state. While the Heart says that the Reds who have been systematically bleeding the state should be ousted at the hustings, the Mind does not feel sanguine with the alternative and says that a known devil is better.