Thursday, April 14, 2011

CRIBS complain again

The association of countries like Brazil, South Africa, China, India and Russia met in China to wine, dine and of course crib. For all the talk the association has done precious little other than bitch about why they were not consulted in worldly affairs and cribbed about the actions in the Middle East by NATO. The pompous leaders with nothing in common other than alienation in their regions and potential military rivalry between China and Russia and China and India, talked about things like the Fukushima incident providing little of useful content.
The plan schedules a string of high-level meetings on almost all issues — security, political and economic — to enable the five countries better coordinate their positions. They would initiate the plan with a meeting of National Security Advisers later this year in China.
Besides strongly pushing for a more equitable world economic order, the five nations frowned on the use of force by the West in Libya and supported the return of peace and stability in West Asia-North Africa according to the “legitimate aspirations of their peoples.”

The best tagline was from Hon. MMS who said,
I would say the best is yet to come

We are still waiting to see that from your UPA government and the only "best" we have seen has been in the same line as the word scam. The BRICS or CRIBS or SCRIB or CRISB is the start of a new NAM your regular bar flies.

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