Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Any guesses on who's on Wikileaks Swiss Bank list?

Assange says that the names of Indians using benamis to make Swiss bank deposits will be revealed soon.
Praising the German government for its aggressive approach to unearth black money stashed away offshore, he said that India “should be more aggressive because India seems like it is losing per capita much more tax than Germany.” Mr. Assange alleged that the Indian government's response to the WikiLeaks cables was “one of the worst in the world” and a “clear attempt to mislead the nation on what the cables were.”

And here we were thinking the UPA Govt. was behaving responsibly by discussing Wikileaks allegations in Parliament and doing nothing!
Mr. Assange said the issue of stashing black money away in foreign banks was much worse than just local corruption as when money is pushed offshore, “...then every time they are selling rupees and the result is that the currency of the nation is debased... everything for all Indians becomes more expensive as a result of that transfer.”

Let us start guessing who's names make the list. It will be interesting to know who gets accused and who gets arrested, politicians? Mainstream media? Industrialists?

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Xinhua Ram said...

How did you guys miss this?
PTI report deceptively tampered by the LiC