Thursday, April 21, 2011

cHindutoon celebrating the DMK CPM divorce

Has there been a greater time to write on this blog? DMK getting its arse kicked. UPA caught in corruption imbroglios. Even LiC appears to be out of the door (though with Sidd V taking his seat :( ).
Now the DMK-CPM divorce gets bitter with Prakash Karat head honcho of CPI-M blasting the DMK as a "family controlled party". Mu Ka could not keep quiet.
Hitting back at Communist Party of India (Marxist) general secretary Prakash Karat for allegedly calling the Dravida Munnetra Kazhgam a ‘family controlled party’, Chief Minister M. Karunanidhi on Thursday sought to turn the tables on the Communist leader, reminding him that his wife is working with him in their party.

Like a jilted lover, Mu Ka spouted dialogue like a Sivaji in his pot boiler:
“I don’t know why Karat, a friend who found place in my heart, is spreading canards. I can’t find an answer to why he is doing like this,”

So we have this cHinduToon to celebrate the divorce and LiC's dilemma.

(Disclaimer: All analysis for parody purposes only)


Arun said...

Guys.. was the spreadsheet sent by Janardhan Ravi on letters to the editor ever analyzed? can that spreadsheet please be shared?

Anonymous said...

The Hindu's new 'code of ethics' is on display in today's news paper.

The affidavit filed by an IPS officer, under the direction of Sonia, in the Supreme Court is the lead story. The Hindu makes its own investigations. An unnamed correspondent talks to the driver who claims to have taken the IPS goon to the meeting with Modi. Perhaps the unnamed correspondent is Teesta.

Don't you see a pattern in this?
If some IPS goon angling for some plum central posting makes wild allegations against Modi, he/she immediately becomes a beacon of truth and a Daniel of indian Secularism. If someone casts doubt about the affidavits filed by the so-called victims of Gujarat riots, under the tutelage of Teesta,that person immediately become a hindutva-vadi.

Also, see how LIC is implementing his newly designed Code of Ethics.
"By maintaining the strictest sense of neutrality in matters relating to religion", a MP high court order to file a charge sheet against the Christian Digvijay is relegated to a single column in the inside pages.
Tomorrow, more news-analysis, investigations will follow to ferret out a Hindu conspiracy to persecute the poor-secular-darling Digvijay.

After all, what more do you expect from a news paper owned by the jehadi-sucker-ram and maloony f****ysarathy?