Saturday, April 09, 2011

Celebrating Anna Hazare's victory with dosas?

Anna Hazare has won. Forced the Government into a corner to form a Committee to create another piece of legislation to form a body to review processes, people and functioning.
Here's Anna with supercop Kiran Bedi.

People visiting India Gate, many curious on whats going on with the fast. Some like Anupam Kher avoiding Congress goons.

A little girl giving Anna Hazare the usual glass of juice. Getting experience that she can protest and get anything from her parents.

Celebrating Anna's victory by preparing the longest dosa in the world.


Anonymous said...

The chindu is uncomfortable with the victory of Anna Hazare. Read its BJP-Baiter-Bitch Neena Vyas's "News Analysis". May be because Anna is a Hindu. Chindu is comfortable only with victories of Commies, Jehadis and Evangelists.

Anonymous said...

Some positive changes seem to be on the anvil at New Indian Express. Will the NIE finally pull the rug from under chindu?