Monday, April 04, 2011

Afridi exposes true colours bashes India

After the India-Pak World Cup semifinal match where India thoroughly thrashed Pakistan, the post-game statements of Pak captain Shahid Afridi was met with praise by Pak and Indian media.
Now as reported by both Indian Express and Times of India, Afridi upon reaching the safe shores of Pakistan exposed his true colours bashing Indians.
In my opinion, if I have to tell the truth, they (Indians) will never have hearts like Muslims and Pakistanis. I don't think they have the large and clean hearts that Allah has given us," Afridi said during a talk show on Samaa news channel when he was asked about relations between the two countries.
"The Indian media has a very negative approach and very negative thoughts. The people may not be like that but I think the media had a very dirty role in spoiling relations between us and India."

Its interesting that cHindu has not yet posted an article on this and is probably waiting for an apology of sorts to comment on the whole issue.
However the larger point of this is that Pakistanis have this annoying habit of speaking one thing while in India and other outside. While Indian media and celebrities continue to fall for this double act. When can we get enough cojones to tell Pakistanis to go to hell (or in their case stay in Pakistan)?

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Karmasura said...

I think the first comments made by Shahid Afridi were also in Pakistan. Seems he has got some massive patriotic re-education.

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