Tuesday, April 05, 2011

cHindu's credo- everyone should be blind

There is the old tale about communism, you have two cows. You have to take care of them, but the government takes all the milk. Similarly cHindu has a philosophy if every you cant restore sight to everyone, then all of them should be blind. Brahma Chellaney is the proponent of this stupid logic.
While the popular uprising in Yemen has splintered the security establishment there, with different military factions now in charge of different neighbourhoods in the capital Sanaa and the United States seeking to replace the Yemeni President with his No. 2, the Bahraini monarchy has employed foreign Sunni mercenaries that dominate its police force to fire on the predominantly Shiite demonstrators.

The clincher is the conclusion which reads like a manifesto from Comrades Marx and Engels.
The resort to different standards and practices in the name of promoting human freedom, unfortunately, sends the message that any society's democratic empowerment is possible only if it jibes with the great powers' geopolitical interest. The fundamental issue is whether there should be a rules-based international order or an order pivoted on military might and driven by narrow, politically expedient interests of the most powerful.

This is exactly how the world works. If you want to free the others ask your buddies at cHindu to get off their lazy behinds and do something.

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