Tuesday, March 02, 2010

A Welcome Response to the Karnataka Protests

It is a pleasant surprise to see The Hindu come out strongly against the violent protests in Karnataka that began with the publication of a translation of one of Taslima Nasreen's article. I am inclined to believe that this editorial is a response to all the sharp criticism of the mainstream media's double standards - sympathy for M.F.Hussain but silence with respect to Taslima. I see this as a positive change and welcome the fact that the newspaper is being responsive to its critics' arguments.


Anonymous said...

As a secular balancing act Chindu may come out with another article/editorial criticising the provocative acts of "communal" elements, right-wing majoritarian agenda etc. etc.

Gandaragolaka said...

A tight spot, these secular idiots have got themselves into!

There is however, a narrow escape route:

Freedom of speech is fine, but blasphemy wise, what Taslima did was blasphemy but MFH was NOT!!
Well why's that?
Look at Khajuraho!

Thats their fig leaf and I am sure they will use all of it!

Hindu Fundamentalist said...

i was reading with bated breath, expecting to see the hindu bashing any moment. thankfully, n.ram refrains from it. but he will come out with another vitriolic piece on hindutva very soon - even before this applause subsides.

Venkat Ramanan said...

I think the p-sec brigade has woken up to blog activism cos many blogs questioned the p-sec media as to why they are soft on anti-Taslima brigade and why are they so vocal on anti-Hussan protests. So, I think just to appear neutral, Barkha, N Ram and the p-sec brigade decided to try behaving neutral... Let's wait and watch their behaviour in the days to come!!