Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fwd: Secular Qatar

this is the paradise m.f.hussain was seeking and our secular establishment was praising. m.f.hussain was coming under pressure from indian income tax authorities for tax evasion. he had a strong reason to renounce indian citizenship and sacrifice his artistic freedom. but our secular establishment led by n.ram is fighting for someone who doesnt care a bit for his own freedom.

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From: Girish

The Qatari government has forced out the moderate leadership of a popular Islamic Web site and plans to reshape it into a more religiously conservative outlet, former employees of the site said Thursday.


Anonymous said...

Vive la pluralism (secular and selective)!

Xinhua Ram said...

Is this an April Fool! editorial or is LiC really incurable? ... so inconsistent with his moral posturing on other issues.

kuttychathan said...

M F Hussain could have sought the citizenship of USA or UK, where he spends most of his time. The fact that he accepted the citizenship of Quatar goes on to prove that he is a cryptic-Jehadi. Like most of the champions of Indian secularism like Teesta, Shabana are.