Saturday, March 20, 2010

B.Raman on N.Ram's Headley assessment

Raman's strategic analysis: HEADLEY: FROM OBAMA WITH LOVE
8. The "Hindu". the other daily of no credibility, has come out with its own gem. Says N.Ram, the precious son of the Tamil soil and our own unique contribution to the world of Indian journalism: " Barring death penalty enthusiasts, no one has any reason to bemoan the Plea Agreement".

9.Oh,oh.oh,oh Mr.Ram. It has got nothing to do with death penalty. It has got everything to do with Pakistan's continued use of the LET to kill hundreds of innocent Indians. Our investigation into 26/11 runs on two parallel tracks----- the responsibility of the LET, which the Pakistanis project as a non-State actor with which the State of Pakistan has nothing to do and the responsibility of the State of Pakistan. What the US has sought to achieve through the choreographed plea bargain is that while India will be able to highlight the responsibility of the LET, it will not be able to establish the responsibility of the State of Pakistan. The Obama Administration wants the world to perceive 26/11 as the crime of a non-state actor as claimed by Pakistan and not the crime of the State of Pakistan. That is the real issue here.


Anonymous said...

"Death penalty enthusiasts", another pejorative term coined by Chindu to deride others with a different viewpoint.

It is an isolated case where a terrorist is tried for a heinous offence which may invite death penalty. What about the great Peoples Republic (to which Chindu always turns to seek inspiration and guidance) where death penalty seems to be more of a routine than exception! And if some reports are to be believed, organs are harvested from the death penalty "patients" in the comrade land.

Anyhow, Mr. Ram seems to be so obsessed with anti "death-penalty" feelings that he has no qualms about giving a good conduct certificate to the American govt. in the curious Headley case. He can as well provide secular hospitality to Headley, Kasab and all other terrorists to prevent any harsh treatment to these fellows by sarkari wallahs.

kuttychathan said...

China and Iran are the two countries where people are killed by the state in public, even for silly "crimes". But Ram supports them, because the masters who pull the string that animate him rule China and the people who fund his trash-paper, the Chindu run Iran.