Friday, March 12, 2010

One more from N.Ram on his pet theme

The Hindu : Opinion / Editorials : The long road to justice
What N.Ram wont tell you is that the Secretary of Citizens for Justice and Peace, Teesta Setalvad, was caught forging documents submitted to NHRC and lying to our Courts. Citizens for Justice and Peace has hardly any credibility left to be taken seriously. In fact, Citizens for Justice and Peace should be de-registered as a Trust and criminal proceedings be initiated against Teesta Setalvad. But our secular establishment wont be doing anything to upset their constituencies. So, we will have the spectacle of secular henchmen like N.Ram asking for justice against Modi.
Chandan Mitra once called Teesta Setalvad an overground terrorist. N.Ram is acting like her accomplice. Both Teesta and N.Ram are trying to take good mileage out of Gujarat riots.


Xinhua Ram said...

And he will never let the public to forget and move on.

Anonymous said...

Chindu seems to be quite jealous about priority and ownership of "news":

In yesterday's news item about the SIT summons to Narendra Modi, we could see the following lines:

"The Hindu broke the story on its web site,, at 4:45 p.m. on Thursday. The exclusive was immediately picked up by television channels, news agencies, and other websites without crediting the original source."

After all Chindu should be happy sharing its "breaking" the story with other equally secular media?!

Anonymous said...

According to Mr. N. Ram, "if the truth about Gujarat is ever to emerge, the SIT must be allowed to conduct its investigations without fear or favour." Well, this opinion holds good not only to Gujarat, but equally to all other enquiries, massacre of Sikhs in Delhi (1984), genocide of Hindus in Kashmir, violence in Nandigram (and other proletariat zones) etc. etc. Let us hope the editor-in-chief will stir up debate on these incidents also.

As for the Gujarat story itself, Mr. Ram seems to show some nuanced thinking by stating thus: "This followed the Godhra incident in which 59 passengers, all but one of them Hindu, perished following a mob attack on the Sabarmati Express."

It is good that unlike other secularists, at least he accpets that a large number of Hindus perished. However, he will not call it a massacre, pogrom or genocide. It is just a "mob attack" and we are not told about the identity of this "mob" or what provoked this "mob" to cause the train "incident". Why not suggest to the SIT to investigate the Godhra "incident" and show some, if not equal zeal in pursuing the "long road to justice."

It is interesting to note that Mr. Ram does not directly hold Mr. Modi responsible unlike the secular activists, some of whom, according to him "have levelled baseless and even over-the-top charges against it."