Thursday, March 04, 2010

Monkeys celebrate impending coronation of Stalin

Note LiC with his Nazi pose in image below already showing obeisance
A motley gathering of supporters of Stalin (Mu Ka not Red) "celebrated" his ordeals during Emergency.
“When he went through the ordeal of Emergency, languishing in jail, he did not think that one day he would achieve the present position. His commitment to the ideology was so firm, he never expected anything in return,” said Mr. Veeramani, who was the first person to meet Mr. Stalin in Central prison, Chennai.

Hmm the Emergency mustv'e impacted his highness so much that he took it out on the common man/women on the streets.

LiC in his sarcastic remarks said,
People with no political experience were promoted because they were born into a political family, but this was not the case with Mr. Stalin. Stating that Mr. Stalin was a link between the new and the old generations of the Dravidian Movement he had never lost touch with his roots.


CodeNameV said...

Do you see some one looking like Martin Bormann in the picture? I do. Look left! :D

Anonymous said...

There was a violent clash between CPM and PMK at Chennai and Chindu selectively (and rather too cleverly) reports it.

CPM workers were the first to attack the PMK office as a show of "intolerance" (a pet phrase of Chindu and fellow travellers). But, Chindu's headlines doesn't clearly spell out that it was the CPM which was the initiator!

"PMK cadres attack CPI(M) office in retaliation"

Then see the sanitised and obviously biased reporting:

Joint Commissioner of Police (Central) V.A. Ravikumar said police anticipated agitation in front of the 'Makkal' TV office. "The mob threw stones from a distance. Only one person managed to enter the office premises and he was also removed immediately." Even as the police arrested the CPI (M) leaders and cadres, a group of men entered the CPI (M) office and vandalised two cars, five motorcycles, besides breaking the window panels of the building.

So, goes the report. CPM attack was just mild, whereas the PMK was thuggish!

Anonymous said...

While the photo in Chindu's web edition shows "Police personnel standing in front of CPI(M) office in Chennai on Friday", in the print edition the photograph shows the damage done to CPI(M) offie due to attack by the PMK cadre. Apparently no damage to "Makkal TV" office by CPI(M) comrades and hence, no photo!