Thursday, March 18, 2010

Praise for the Gadkari's team by LiC?

Am I dreaming or has the LiC gone soft on BJP?
(Thx to sudhir for pointing it out)
In allocating generous space to women at various levels in the party hierarchy, the BJP has shown that gender justice need not become hostage to legislative battles. Team Gadkari also scores in bringing a blend of experience and youth to the table. Old hands expectedly dominate the party's parliamentary board while a fair sprinkling of young people, drawn from diverse social backgrounds, have made it to the lower echelons of power.

There's a lot of praise for Arun Jaitley,
In the event, Mr. Gadkari has proved that he has a better grip of politics and party affairs than most of the veterans. The confidence has begun to show — especially in Parliament where Arun Jaitley and Sushma Swaraj have emerged as formidable team leaders. It was at Mr. Jaitley's instance that the Women's Reservation Bill came to be debated before being put to vote in the Rajya Sabha. His speech in support of the Bill reflected bipartisanship of a kind sorely lacking in Indian political discourse. More importantly — without prejudice to what this newspaper thinks about the BJP's disintegrative political programme and ideology — it came across recently as a sober party capable of making its point skilfully, without resorting to drama and bad behaviour.

Of course any praise to the "right wing" BJP must be tempered with criticisms of the RSS and it brings the pinata out for trashing as usual. But all in all, a reasonably balanced editorial by LiC, compared to previous standards.


reason said...

Gadkari needs to be careful. Advani made attempts at ingratiating himself with scums like this and certain religious fanatics. Garkari needs to see where that took Advani. I recall that chindu covered Advani's chennai speech about 'RSS interference' after the 2004 elections prominently and had kept his speech transcript at its homepage. This might be a similar effort.

Srikumar said...

This might be more to do with BJP and CPM moving closer in parliament over several issues. Both BJP and CPM have no other option but to unite against a resurgent congress, especially with BJP/RSS not interested in stressing on 'Hindu' issues for the time being. But CPM can’t do it openly due to its Moslem voter base. I expect more such cat and mouse games. Chindu would also play ball. (Probably would expect BJP to be softer on Chinese border issues) After all politics is the art of the impossible and Chindu is owned and edited by a card carrying political member.

Srikumar said...

If BJP and CPM moves close and Chindu plays ball our friend Siddharth Varadarajan would probably move out of Chindu according to my conspiracy theory. He has developed deep distaste and hatred for BJP that would transcend ideological, political, professional and commercial interests.