Sunday, March 28, 2010

Excellent analysis by B.Raman on cHindu family saga

Shri B.Raman's analysis of the cHindu family saga nails the issue of media hypocrisy when it comes to transparency of operations and governance.
While they have every right to do so, many of the Indian media houses and journalists are themselves not role models of probity, intellectual integrity, transparency and selfless service in the cause of journalism. There are many instances of wrong-doings by media houses and journalists, but the public does not become aware of them because of the reluctance of our newspapers and journalists to report on each other, however grave their failings may be and even if knowledge of such failings be in public interest. Their reluctance to report on each other and their tendency to cover up failings inside their profession have been creating cynicism in growing sections of the public about the ethical standards---or the lack of them---in the media world.

Will LiC listen?


kuttychathan said...

N.Murali's children Kantha & Krishna and N.Ravi's daughter Aparna are said to have wrote...

"Each of us, whether in the previous, current or next generation, has received and continues to receive tremendous benefits from Kasturi and Sons, which far outweigh those received by non-family employees. It is high time that we recognize that our privileges are derived primarily from the contributions and loyalty of over 3500 non-family employees. Each one of us has, in some way or the other, abused their loyalty, trust and contribution."

So, the kids are concerned about the feelings of their 3500 employees! But what about the 10 lakh readers who buy the paper every day with their hard-earned money? But for whose continued patronage, Chindu would have closed shop, long ago? They do not even figure in the calculus of the kids!What the readers get back in lieu of their loyalty? Their religious beliefs are abused every day by the Chindu.

I think if Malooni replaces Ram, then it would be like going from frying pan to the fire, for the readers. Remember it is she who started the anti-Hindu bias of the news paper. She agressively promoted the inveterate Hindu-haters like Kancha Iliah, Gail Omvedt, One Radhakrishnan from Chennai etc.

Hindus believe in Karma. This crisis in the Kasturi family is the result of the years of Hindu-bashing done by them. Let us sit back, watch and enjoy. Soon the Chindu will be selling as many copies as Frontline now sells. It is the only one profit making paper in the Kasturi stable. Soon the elders in the Kasturi family will squander away the fortune they had made over a century, on fighting court cases. And soon we could see children from Kasturi family picking rags in the streets of Chennai.

Anonymous said...

Fully second the comments about Malini P. Only during her tenure The Hindu became stridently Anti-indu (thanks for reminding us about her rowdy-secular brigade, particularly the obnoxious Gail Omvedt ; that period was more like a horror movie). Chief Ram was brought in to contain the enormous damage that she was creating both to the reputation of The Hindu and more importantly, to its revenue (by way of lost advt.).

Of course - between Malini P and N Ram -it is like the proverbial Hobson's choice for the readers and well-wishers of The Hindu.

Anonymous said...

It seems Malini P twitted: "The Stalinists are trying to beat me down. This time they won't succeed".

If by Stalinist she means Ram (a self-confessed secularist, just like Malini P), then Malini P can anoint herself as the ultimate "Secular Pol Pot"!

Anonymous said...

'... then Malini P can anoint herself as the ultimate "Secular Pol Pot"...'

Or is it the Secular Pol (*) Pot calling the Secular Pol Kettle black ...?

(*) 'politician' in the U.S. vernacular

:( sorry could not resist