Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Manmohan's Saudi visit

B.Raman's article on PM's Saudi visit is quite interesting. Did chindu comment on this visit?
Raman's strategic analysis: INDIAN EGGS IN SAUDI BASKET
Manmohan Singh
- pushed India into becoming an American vassal by getting into the nuclear deal with US
- screwed our energy security by destroying our relationship with Iran
- is trying to woo Saudi Arabia for energy security and to reign in Pakistan but the two are joined at the hip
- is destroying our long-standing relationship with Israel, who has been our steady partner

It is a tough choice between this "Yes Prime Minister" and our "First Prime Minister" for the worst leader of our country.

How is it that Pakistan gets it equation right - then with Khalistan and now with Kashmir? Why does India end up getting the stick?

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Venkat Ramanan said...

You have summed up well how MMS has destroyed our energy security by allying with non-traditional countries which put their interest primary before anyone else'

Depending on Saudi for reigning in Pak is like asking Aurangazeb to give lecture on Human Rights!!