Sunday, July 11, 2010

Selling Pakistan as India's friend

Coming back after a long absence, I'm not surprised to see cHindu becoming Pakistan's propaganda machine.
There were multiple articles portraying the epicenter of world terrorism as a friend of India starting with an editorial by LiC - China, India, and Pakistan
LiC states -
Presidents Zardari and Hu Jintao jointly pledged to fight the “three forces” of extremism, terrorism, and separatism. However, there was no official word from China on its nuclear cooperation with Pakistan, although it is definitely on the cards.

He goes on to defend China's track record with Pakistan stating,
It is true that the relations Pakistan has with China are the best it has with any country in the world. They have withstood the strain of shifting international relations for more than 60 years. However, it is by no means a problem-free friendship.

Perhaps providing one nation with nuclear weapons is indeed a deep act of friendship.
The next article is another love Pakistan article by Suhasini Haidar - Ending the zero-sum game. The entire article goes on to summarily state that Pakistan is a huge victim of terrorism claiming multiple attacks on minorities as examples. However the writer takes a passive stand ending the article with a vague statement,
eventually, it is only in Islamabad's realisation that working against the LeT and other anti-India groups is in its own best interests that would change the discourse from its unproductive past.

The next article Transnational terror needs cross-border cooperation - by Sandeep Dikshit and Anita Joshua. This is another apologist article wringing its hands that Pakistan's internal operations were tied down because of internal social problems prevent Pakistan from acting on LeT and JuD.
Even if there is actual cooperation, Hafiz Saeed remains an irritant and from what most security experts have to say, this will keep festering as Pakistan can ill afford to repeat a Lal Masjid. Explains Imtiaz Gul, author of The Al Qaeda Connection and Executive Director of the Centre for Research and Security Studies: “There are political and social compulsions; can we deal with the fallout in case Saeed is ‘harmed' in any way? We are still suffering the consequences of the Lal Masjid operation [July 10, 2007] involving a small group that has now resulted in the Ghazi Force. Taking on the LeT would probably result in far graver consequences [hence the tolerance, and reluctance to crack down on them]. How do you deal with the hundreds of thousands of students at Jama'at-ud-Da'wah [JuD] madrasas if they were to see the state coming down hard on them?

Perhaps its time for cHindu to change its tagline to National Paper of China and Pakistan...


sridhar said...

This article seems to have slipped your attention. Thought it would fall under same category

But for a change their article on 7/11 and sushma was clinically precise without equivalence or quotes from "unknown" sources.

Raj said...

"our true enemy has not shown his face yet"...a line from the godfather part 3 !

Sudhir said...

Welcome back DD!

True, this propensity and excessive enthusiasm shown by Hindu is baffling beyond belief.

Suhasini Haidar and Siddarth Varadarajan, always say the same thing - Don't care what kind of shit is thrown at us, swallow the insult and move on.

And they feel superior and smug about making such "statesmanlike" statements. What a pity that we don't have a media that asks hard questions!