Sunday, July 18, 2010

‘Free’ media tars RSS with fiction

People complain of criminalisation of politics. But it could not have come to this stage if not for a greater criminalisation of media. Media is emulating such extraordinary standards of corruption that the politicians know they can wash away their sins even without a confession. In the present scheme of things, media is at the top of the food chain, having politicians for breakfast. At the bottom of the food chain are hindus. And when it comes to hounding the hindus, both the media and politicians gang up. Lets not get to the rabid dogs, the violent pigs and the unscrupulous hyenas.

The zealousness with which media followed the Sadhvi Pragya Singh case, the Kanchi Shankaracharya case, or Swami Nityananda case and the ease with which it brandished the label "hindu terrorism" is appalling. We have repeatedly pointed out on this blog how hindus have been demonised and how islamic violence has been justified. The media has equated freedom with absolute freedom with no accountability, and in reality, there is no one to cage this media monster.

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But what is objectionable is the attempt to
disguise biased writing and distortion of the truth as “freedom of
expression”. The ongoing campaign of calumny to demonise the RSS and
denigrate Hindus by painting the first as a sponsor of terrorism and the
second as a community of terrorists is by no stretch of the imagination
‘freedom of expression’. Nor does media have the freedom to malign or
defame individuals and then seek shelter in its presumed immunity from

Had it not been so, our
‘free’ media, a large section of which thrives on ‘paid news’, would
have reported that the investigating agencies have failed to come up
with any evidence to make their charges against Sadhvi Pragya Singh
Thakur and Colonel Srikant Prasad Purohit stick. ... That it’s been two years since they were
arrested and have been in jail without being prosecuted or formally

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Exploding the Myth of “Hindutva Terror”

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