Saturday, July 10, 2010

Beijing is national news

When chindu is saying Beijing is national, you begin to wonder which nation it is referring to. At this rate, very soon, I am expecting chindu to say, "We, the Chinese".


Xinhua Ram said...

True to their name 'Chinese National Newspaper'. So indebted to their handlers.

kppradeep said...

You are 100% correct and some day they might roll out the paper in chinese language unknowingly. This paper has ceased to be a responsible one. It knows only to attack BJP at any cost

Shyam said...

Today The Hindu has carried a detailed "response" by Aziz of PDP ( Compare with Ram Madhav's response (regarding RSS-China MoU) being edited and published only with the regular Letters to the Editor section.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps that's what they call the "Freudian Slip".

May be Chief fell into his own trap, consciously or otherwise.

Or, Chindu prepares the readers for that inevitable day when we will all be part of the great Chinese nation?! The ultimate dream of our diehard comrades.

LIC said...

N. Ram - Live from the World Cup final

N. Ram, Editor-in-Chief, The Hindu, tweets live from Soccer City, Johannesburg, the venue of the World Cup final.

00:23: Who's going to get the first red? Surely a Dutchman.

00:22: Nasty Dutch foul.

00:21: Nobody's complaining about the Jabulani here.

00:18: Quite a muscular match. Or is it the referee being too free with yellows? But equitable, two each.

00:15: Spain under pressure, good defence

00:13: S-N possession, 60-40%.

00:12: Fine save by Casillas.

00:11: Puyol, goal-scorer against Germany, gets yellow. What's in store?

00:10: First yellow to van Persie. Any surprise?

00:08: The vuvuzelas are now in full voice.

00:04: Spain-Netherlands: 61-39% possession.

00:02: Spain has 65% possession thus far.

23:54: Getting chillier inside the Stadium

23:54: Spain on top.

23:53: Viva Espana

23:49: Behold the World Cup. The greatest Prize on earth.

23:49: The press photographers, escorted like convicts, have their moment.

23:40: Just consider this: the Dutch come in with 15 yellow cards (No. 1 in this World Cup), the Spaniards with just 3 (the lowest after DPRK).

23:34: Wish you a great final. Let the better side of the day win.

23:30: Has the rain stopped? Do you have uninterrupted telecast on DTH?

23:23: Spain is on the ball. Won't get off possession even in training.

23:22: What a shame there can't be three finalists, so that Germany in full formation and flair can be here today.

23:21: We are up close to the Dutch who are putting up quite a show on the pitch.

23:19: The gearing up routines are stylised and different. Spain is more of a collective.

23:16: The Dutch are onside.

23:14: Spain's on the pitch

23:10: Three players on the pitch. Stretching out. Getting a feel of the pitch and the atmosphere. It's a comfortably cool night, so far.

23:07: FIFA has more busybodies than any other sports federation in the world. It has its critics but let's not take away from this achievement.

23:04: FIFA's campaign against racism has had a huge influence on humanity. No other international sports body comes close.

22:56: Nelson Mandela is in frail health. It is wonderful that he made the effort. It's not too chilly here.

22:54: Who's your man of the match? Villa is too obvious; don't play it safe. Sneijder? Anyone for Torres?

22:51: The covers are coming off the pitch. Soon we'll have all green.

22:47: Has come up right close. A historic moment. Wild cheering inside Soccer City.

22:45: Nelson Mandela is here. The greatest man alive.

22:42: Some aliens find this an 'infernal dirge.' No problem for Indian ears.

22:42: The vuvuzelas are back in business inside Soccer City.

22:41: Time for the show to end and the game to begin. The Netherlands vs Spain!

22:31: The elephants are so graceful and lifelike, aren't they?

22:25: Song for united Africa.

22:18: Celebrating FIFAM Shakira is on.

22:11: The robotic aerial cameras take this excitement round the world. Lights off.

22:07: Closing ceremony will commence in ten minutes.' The lights will go off.

21:57: Two fellows standing in front of us. I hope they will sit down soon. And don't play jack-in-the-box whenever Spain has a shot on goal.

21:54: Vuvuzelas need practice. Wonder how many minutes or hours it will take our wind instrument maestros to play a Carnatic raga on one.

21:50 (IST): Am inside Soccer City Stadium, seat 7, J Row, B Entrance: Fans in Orange and Red all around us. Waiting for Shakira.

Anonymous said...

this is someone who knows about the site.
Beijing appeared under National for a simple reason: the story was related to India and was carried in the National pages (only 'purely' international stories go in the 'international' page).
The stories listed in the 'National' page are sorted by dateline for easy access, and therefore the appearance of Beijing in the list.

Hindu Fundamentalist said...

shyam, good point. the contrast is another illustration of chindu's preferences.

to the anonymous poster above, what credentials do you have to make you think you know about the site better? and stop posting anonymous comments on this site. try doing that on that website you claim to know better.

Anonymous said...

You guys are such idiots. Find real issues to discuss.

Also notice you have been silent on the many recent critical articles on China the paper has been running, such as this piece on Xinjiang --

Or is it you conveniently ignore things that dont suit your agenda?