Thursday, July 15, 2010

Gratuitous advice from V.R.Krishna Iyer

The senile old man is back again, this time giving gratuitous advice on tackling naxalism. VR Krishna Iyer says the state failed, leading to extremism. So, when exactly did the Indian state failed? Did extremism exist before that point? Was there extremism even before the state came into existence? Why dont we link naxalism to emergency, when the Indian state did actually fail?

Wrong analysis can only lead to wrong conclusions. Getting into peace talks with naxals who refuse to put down their arms did not yield any results in Andhra Pradesh. Armed conflict with the state is now an intrinsic aspect of the naxal movement.

Finally, Swami Agnivesh is that useful idiot whom the Christist missionaries use for their subversive activities. No wonder VRK Iyer treats him as a darling.

The Hindu : Today's Paper / OPINION : An appeal to India's conscience
Inevitably, when the state failed the confidence of the people they took to the streets, to the jungle and to lawlessness. Terrorism was the next step, ubiquitously shaking up peace and the sense of safety and development. This is the genesis of Naxalism, Maoism and other forms of extremism.


Mouly said...

India is a failed state and it has failed to provide for the basic necessities of life and its Judiciary and law enforcement are in shambles. Root cause of this are the corrupt to the core political establishment and the administration. This is a fertile ground for all forms naxalism or extremism to take root and spread. So I agree with VR Krishna Iyer that the failure of Indian state is directly responsible for the spread and development of naxalism. This is a situation we are in.

You may be right in arguing with ways to tackle naxalism and extremism but there is no denying the fact that the failure of Indian State is/was responsible for their development and growth.

Xinhua Ram said...

A failed Indian can only see a failed India. Every Marxist can list all the problems in this world, but he himself is not trusted or respected because of his track record.