Monday, July 19, 2010

N.Ram exercises his 'free' speech

Kanchan Gupta wrote about how 'free' media is maligning the RSS. N.Ram needs no invitation to exercise his freedom. The secular investigators found that the Godhra train was gutted by spontaneous combustion. It would be surprising if these secular investigators did not find a way to lead the terror trail to the heart of the Sangh. But the one point everyone is carefully avoiding is educating us on Hindutva terror. What exactly does Hindutva terror mean? Who cares as long as it serves the political purpose of the establishment to crush the already weak opposition.
The Hindu : Today's Paper / OPINION : Hooliganism pure and simple
But equally, there is no denying that the Hindutva terror trail is inching towards the heart of the Sangh.


Xinhua Ram said...

Any criticism of Burqa needs to be immediately compensated by bitching about Hindutva.

Different topic:
China surpasses US as highest energy consumer - No leftie questions these emissions and pollution, not to mention human rights abuses

Anonymous said...

I think it is high time we stopped tolerating such unjust accusations against Hindus. The media seems to have been bought over by the UPA - they have excellent goondas led by Karunanidhi who are past masters in the art