Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mount Road declares independence from Chennai.

The International Court of Justice took a very radical decision when it upheld the separation of Kosovo from Serbia. This will probably lead to more states asking for separation.
The long-awaited ruling — which the court took up after a complaint to the U.N. from Serbia — is now likely to lead to more countries recognising Kosovo's independence and move Pristina closer to entry into the U.N. Kosovo's statehood is backed by 69 countries but it requires over 100 before it can join the U.N.
Announcing the decision, the Court of Justice President, Hisashi Owada, said international law contains no “prohibition on declarations of independence”. Though both Belgrade and Pristina had said they were confident of a ruling in their favour, speculation began to emerge a few hours before announcement in the Hague that the decision — which is not legally binding — had gone Kosovo's way.

The interesting words here - "Legally binding". Does that mean that me and my friends in Avadi or Thenkasi can apply for secession with the Hague and start printing Tam-rupee notes with photos of Monkeys and Politicians?

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