Saturday, July 10, 2010

Religious indoctrination in Kashmir

This is the kind of honesty and introspection we expect from chindu too. There is no point trying to black out islamic violence or projecting it in some form of non-religious, peaceful protest against some form of marginalisation. The violence in Kashmir or the terrorism perpetrated by LeT, IM, SIMI etc is arising out of an ideology rooted in Islam. We need honesty and courage to acknowledge and fight such dangerous ideologies. At the moment, it appears as if we have fallen into the islamist trap which is keeping the ideology glued to religion.
The Hindu : Today's Paper / OPINION : Kashmir's politicians must act
He sharply criticised those who perpetuated a culture of hate by telling their children they had no future in a “Hindu country.” This is the kind of honesty and introspection needed if a way forward is to be found.


kuttychathan said...

Perhaps Ram is away on tour. Somebody, who is not 'enlightened enough', must have wrote that leader.

kuttychathan said...

Those who can read Malayalam, please read this.