Saturday, May 08, 2010

Selective battles

The author Jagmati Sangwan does not make sweeping generalisations. She recognizes that khap panchayats are pockets of parallel administration; they do not have legal sanction; and they often act in order to establish a feudal order. So far so good. But voices of dissent consolidating under organisations like AIDWA? These communist losers live in a world of self-importance. And chindu is their go-to newspaper to publish their self-congratulatory messages. It is also interesting to see how AIDWA picks its battles.

The maoists have their parallel administration system and a not so peaceful way of dispensing justice. But did you ever hear of AIDWA speaking in support of the victims of maoist violence, unless the victims are CPM cadre as is happening in Bengal of late. The discourse is entirely different when it comes to the maoist menace. These "democratic voices" become "leading intellectuals" and champions of the poor -- the very poor who are more than happy to drive their saviours away.

The case gets curiouser when it gets to Sharia and the imposition of Islamic justice. Unlike maoist kangaroo courts, sharia has acquired legal status in Kashmir. The status of women under Sharia is well-known. I am very interested to know what AIDWA, the women's wing of CPI(M) did to fight for rights of these women oppressed under Sharia. But then I am asking for too much. The communist goons and their henchmen in chindu bully the hindus and ignore far worse crimes by the muslims and maoists.

The Hindu : Opinion / Leader Page Articles : Khap panchayat: signs of desperation?
The voices of dissent are also getting consolidated under the umbrella of organisations like the AIDWA and other democratic forces.


kuttychathan said...

On another point... Jairam Ramesh has sucked up to the Chinese by his criticising his colleague in the Home Ministry. Predictably chindu celebrates with not one but two report on the same story. Eversince the family feud in Kasturi family, LIC was lying low. Now that he has asserted his autocracy in Chindu, his Marxist-Chinese-Jehadi agenda is inching its way back to chindu.

Name said...

Or it could be that an Environment Minister on a foreign trip making statements on national security and criticising another ministry is a serious breach of protocol. You couldn't have missed the over use of quotation marks, “alarmist” “paranoid”.

Xinhua Ram said...

While this blog is gaining popularity, poor Chindu lost 411,000 readers!.

kuttychathan said...

Thank you Name. I think personal rivalry is behind Jairam's attack. He is probably jealous of Chidambaram.