Monday, May 10, 2010

Jihadists are driven less by theology than by rage against the societies: N.Ram

The stereotypical elements - poverty or indoctrination in madrasas - had no role to play in Shahzad's life. This stereotype was in N.Ram's mind. The rest of us knew jihad had more to do with an ideology. But he built his theories on this failed hypothesis. Now that his pet theory is turned on its head, he is utterly confused here. So here is the new theory from N.Ram: Jihadists are driven less by theology but by rage against the societies around them.

Political discontent, cultural dislocation and sexual anxieties are problems faced by all immigrants. Even within a country, people moving from rural areas to a city face these culture shocks. How many of them turn to terrorism? Some of them turn to crime, may be. But terrorism? Only members of a certain community seem to think of terrorism as the solution.  And these members are called jihadists because they derive their inspiration from theology which goes by a name beginning with "I" and ending in "slam". But look at how N.Ram blames the society for a holy war waged in the name of an ideology.

Further, he goes on to blame Hindu and Sikh diaspora of having a similar streak of fundamentalism. This is outrageous and totally uncalled for. What is the basis for such insinuation? The Hindu and Sikh community are a highly prosperous and well-respected diaspora and have left a positive impact on the societies. In his overeagerness to justify jihad, N.Ram seems to have crossed the
line of decency.

The Hindu : Opinion / Editorials : Figuring out Shahzad
Many diasporic jihadists are driven less by theology than by rage against the societies around them. Researchers have found this rage to be made up of an inchoate mix of political discontent, cultural dislocation, and even sexual anxieties. Unfortunately, hundreds of young diaspora Indians, among them Hindu, Muslim, and Sikh, have been drawn to the diverse fundamentalisms of the homeland their parents left. The seduction of young people by extremists reflects the failure of immigrant communities and political institutions to tackle the problem at its roots.


Anonymous said...

Mr. N. Rama is after all very secular. So, he has to invent, "Hindu fundamentalists" among the diaspora, so that he would not be called communal by fellow secularists. His imagination is getting wild.

The Paki who has been caught in New York has no excuse such as alienation, Kashmiri struggle, Godhra riots etc. So, secularists like Mr. Ram are at a loss to explain the mad jehadi behaviour.

abhishekh said...

He is not a secularist , he is a communist thats why he has to explain every thing as social problem

kuttychathan said...

The left-liberal suckers of Jehadis are always finding alibis for Jehadis. What they are trying to hide is the hard fact that the cause of all evil flowing from Muslim world, lies at the heart of Islam. In the heart of its heart Islam is a violent, blood-thirsty religion.