Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Future of Indian bureaucracy acknowledges cHindu for guidance

Sad state of affairs when one of the toppers of the Civil services exam has to read cHindu for "knowledge".
But the most important factor in my preparations was thorough reading of The Hindu, which provided a proper insight into current affairs, national and international developments.

Somewhere LiC, SV and company are laughing their a$$ off.
Perhaps she should have said that she reads cHindu for comic relief and how to analyze national politics from news reported by a biased newspaper.


Raj said...

This is probably from their paid news segment, paying the girl to mouth all that bs !

Xinhua Ram said...

If J Ramesh can be hauled over coals for his remarks in China, what should be done to LiC and his team who were celebrating these remarks?

Ramesh has already apologised to the PM as well as to Sonia Gandhi for his remarks.

kppradeep said...

Raj is correct. This is surely PAID news

madhu srinivas said...

am not so sure if this was paid news. am a civil service aspirant as and one of the main things we are asked to do, by people teaching us at the coaching center, is to read the hindu daily. of course most of them also place a caveat saying that the paper is biased and that we should stick to only facts and not the political news.

of course its been a year since i stopped the subscription of the paper.

Anonymous said...

Chinud opens the report thus: "Overwhelmed by a deluge of accolades for clearing the civil services examinations, Sandeep Kaur, daughter of a peon, acknowledges the major role played by The Hindu in her success."

And Chindu's pride shows off by the choice of the word "acknowledges" and it is not very different from the advt. blitz of the various IIT-JEE coaching centres immediately after the results of the entrance exams.

kuttychathan said...

The Malayalam Weekly 'Mathrubhumi' has published an article by Hameed Chennamangaloor on 'Intellectual Jihad'. It is a beautifully written essay on the antics of Jamaat-E-Islami and their paid apologists like LIC. Those of our friends, who can read Malayalam, should read it