Friday, May 21, 2010

A Raja gets to explain his case in chindu

The 2G scam is so big its size is measured as a percentage of the GDP -- the loss to the exchequer is about 2% of India's GDP. It is astounding that A Raja could pull off this scam and continue in office in the government. Our "honest" PM Manmohan Singh and the media outlets including chindu have been silently overlooking the events. This when Daily Pioneer and Headlines Today have put forward the documents and tapes proving the extent of the scam.

Have a look at the documents here while they are still accessible.

Chindu has steadfastly refused to mention the extent of the scam. There is no editorial from N.Ram demanding action. Even in yesterday's editorial N.Ram mentions about the 2G auction nonchalantly. Of course, the documents point to Prakash Karat's involvement in the lobbying cartel. And now, we get to hear A.Raja's version of the story, where he obviously projects as if no damage has been done. The interviewer too seems to be keen to establish A.Raja's innocence.

What a fall for chindu. Can't believe this is the same paper which led us to the smoking gun in the Bofors scandal.
The Hindu : Opinion / Interviews : ‘I am no friend of any operator'
... because they say your policies on 2G spectrum led to serious losses to the exchequer. They are basing this on the 3G auction prices…


Xinhua Ram said...

Sukh Ram 2.0?

Gopal said...

How can ChinduRam ever find fault with Andi(muthu)raja who is close to real Raja of Tamilnadu who in turn is close to Dummy Raja of India who dances to the tune of one of the most poweful woman of the world.

Anonymous said...

The Chindu which raised such a fuss over 'Paid News' must realise 'Paid suppression' is equally culpable. Why is the Chindu mollycoddling Raja - there has been such muted response to News like CAG's remarks - that one can only suspect chindu is being paid to keep quiet - maybe not in cash but certainly in kind. Notice the muted response and mild language - especially when seen alongside such screaming headlines like 'Nun raped'