Sunday, May 23, 2010

Media malady, UPA's Nehruvian penalty

The maladies afflicting our media are so deep. Also, there seems to be an unwritten code of conduct that one media outlet will not expose another.
The Pioneer > Online Edition : >> The secret diary of Hamid Mir
That in the process all norms of decency, dignity and discretion were rudely trampled upon, and editorial caution that should have been exercised was thrown to the wind, matters little to our television channels.

It would be perfectly in order to ask how can a media group that has die-hard Islamists with links to terrorist organisations vehemently opposed to peace with India in senior positions be a trans-border peace partner. It would also serve some purpose if we were to be told as to why the Jang group was selected over other newspaper groups or independent dailies like the Daily Times, which has played a leading role in exposing and outing Hamid Mir. Chinese whispers are not exactly reliable. But there could be some truth to the story doing the rounds that it was neither aman nor asha that prompted the partnership between the two media groups.

Creating a culture of dependency and entitlements -- this is what is fundamentally flawed with the policies of UPA, be it the economic or social. Economic policies like the NREGA, Food Security Act etc, and social policies based on religion and caste are all creating a culture of dependency through the short-term lure of entitlements. Keeping in line with Nehruvian penalty, this fits in well with the Congress agenda of keeping the people poor.
The Pioneer > Online Edition : >> Complacent UPA ignores voter rage
Its economic focus is to create a culture of dependency and entitlements


Xinhua Ram said...

Its economic focus is to create a culture of dependency and entitlements

This comes out clearly everytime Rahul G opens his mouth.

Anonymous said...

"....focus is to create a culture of dependency and entitlements".

Amen and well said.

The most frequent phrase used, "minorities and weaker sections" is the staple diet of the Congi and "left" politicians!

After decades of Nehruvian rule, the Govt. is not only not ashamed to talk about the existence of "weaker sections", but also expand its doles so as to increase the vote bank.