Wednesday, May 12, 2010

High Court clarifies conversion by Marriage

Interesting news about the Allahabad High Courts view of conversion which defines "love-jihad":
The Allahabad High Court has held that a Muslim man's marriage to a woman of another religion shall be considered void and against the tenets of Islam if he fails to get her converted to the religion before wedlock. In its order, a Division Bench comprising Justice Vinod Prasad and Justice Rajesh Chandra also ruled that remarriage of a Muslim man shall be held void if he abandons his first wife without divorcing her and fails to treat children born of the marriage in a fair and just manner.

Can we have a uniform civil code now?


Raghu said...

Can we have a uniform civil code now?

No- because there exists neither uniformity nor civility!

Anonymous said...

It is absolute madness that each person in a community is judged by a different set rule which is based on belief.

Imagine tomorrow that the followers of say a prominent saint or a fakir decides to start a religious system/ practice with its own separate belief. Then does it mean that the constitution of a country has to amend itself to accept this since the flower of this saint or a fakir are noticeable in number and are a part of a vote bank that cannot be offended.

This is what is happing in our country and this is absolutely ridiculous. A patriotic Indian should not accept any thing less than unit for all.