Friday, May 14, 2010

cHindu proves photos of Neanderthal-human union results

In what can be claimed as an incredible scientific breakthrough investigative journalists at cHindu proved what many could only conjecture. Answer the question of did Neanderthals and modern humans interbreed?
Researchers compared DNA sequences of Neanderthals obtained from bones found in different locations with those of five present-day humans — from southern Africa, West Africa, France, China, and Papua New Guinea. Though there is evidence of gene flow from Neanderthals to modern humans, the level of flow is relatively low. According to the researchers, the low level of gene flow indicates that interbreeding may have been “very limited.” However, there is no evidence of a reverse flow.

Giving photographic evidence below, cHindu claimed,
We now know they shared ancestors — and that Neanderthals resembled present-day humans more closely than was believed.


Raghu said...

The unintended combination of your Neanderthal article and the photo of Khushboo with Moronnidhi is irrestible!!

kuttychathan said...

On another point... CPM Kerala state secretary Pinarayi Vijayan has blamed Jamaat-E-Islami for violence in Kinaloor, near Kozhikode. While all other newspapers, published from Kerala, have reported it prominently, chindu has blacked it out. So, for LIC, jehadis take precedence over his own comrades. "One who pays the piper calls the tunes".

kuttychathan said...

On one more point...I remember, while Bhairon Singh Shekhawat was elected as Vice Presidnet of India, Malooni wrote in Chindu expressing dismay over the prospects of a police constable becoming the mighty President of India. All their talk of equality, empowerment and socialism are just shit.