Monday, August 07, 2006


"The Hindu" is a bigoted, psuedo-secular, hindu-bashing, communist newspaper garbed in intellectual vanity. This newspaper, under the eminent 'secularist' N.Ram, has turned into a Chinese mouthpiece, ever espousing the ideals of Communism and singing paeans to China while deriding democratic and liberal values, with special derision reserved for Hindus and Hinduism. Arvind of Sabha fame has labelled this newspaper as "Chennai Based Chinese National Newspaper"(CB-CNN), which I thought aptly describes this newspaper rag.


Anonymous said...

As a UK resident I read The Hindu only because The Guardian said it was a "Major national daily paper, based in Madras. Most of its regional coverage is devoted to India's southern states."

It seemed ideal to keep an eye on Indian software industry!

Thanks for the heads-up on editorial bias!

solarpetal said...

The Guardian and The Hindu have some kind of a tie-up, I suppose. I see articles from The Guardian appearing in The Hindu quite often, especially in the opinion page.