Saturday, August 12, 2006

Rise in CBCNN's support for Congress and UPA

As is customary with Marxists, CBCNN comes out with a survey which contradicts popular belief and defies logic. CBCNN provides insights into the reasons for UPA's rise. And here is the funny part.
Voters also feel that the situation has worsened in key areas such as corruption, national security, prices and the condition of farmers.
Mysteriously, inspite of all these, voters prefer UPA over NDA. If you ask CBCNN about who it thinks is a nincompoop -- the reader or the voter, you are most likely to hear the answer as, "Both".

CBCNN, being a communist mouthpiece, must hide the pathetic disposition of the communist parties, an act it achieves through ridiculous sugar-coating.
There is a small decline (in voter share of Left parties) in comparison with 2004, but this is confined to areas outside West Bengal and Kerala.
The area outside the two Marxist bastion states is much larger and represents the majority view. So it is more appropriate to say that the voter share of Left parties declined slightly through out India, except in West Bengal and Kerala. The communist viewpoint is hilarious.

The 2004 Lok Sabha election results indicated that this trend (end of Congress dominance and rise of regional parties) had been halted.
Congress managed to get 145 seats and BJP 138, the rest going to 36 regional parties, clearly indicating exactly the opposite of what is mentioned above. CBCNN is projecting Congress' preeminence and a return to those heady days of Nehruvian Stalinism.

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Anonymous said...

You need more hard-line versions of BJP in the regions who can win locally and support an alliance with BJP nationally - plus have enough influence to keep the national BJP on the straight and narrow.