Tuesday, August 22, 2006

It's Karat time again

Both Mr and Mrs Karat get prominent space in CBCNN today, but is not infrequent in this communist mouthpiece.

Prakash Karat, in this article, clearly explains the Indian communist view of terrorism -- blame it on RSS and exonerate muslims, no matter what.

Brinda Karat plays for tribal rights in this article.
Each day that the Government delays the passage of the Bill is another day of uncertainty and insecurity for lakhs of tribls who face the terror of eviction. The Government should act democratically and accept the unanimous all-party recommendations of the JPC. The Government's opposition to the proposals is clearly unjustified.
Couple of things to note here. The choice of the word 'terror' here is quite unusual I must say. Note that this line also forms the synopsis of the article, pointing out that this is deliberate choice. Is she suggesting that the Government is terrorising the tribals? Well, we know enough of Indian communists -- they are fighting against the Government as ordered by their masters in China. The second thing which I find ridiculous is the Communists lecturing on democracy. There must be a limit to hypocrisy.

And if this commie stuff is not sufficient, there is that usual drivel from Pallavi Aiyar reporting from China.

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