Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Disgustingly biased journalism

N.Ram has decided to prove to all us readers that Manmohan Singh is a far superior PM than Vajpayee.
UPA's determination not to allow the spectre of terrorism to menace the secular and democratic fabric --> by repealing POTA.

Dr. Singh was quick to reassure Muslim community leaders that his Government would take "concrete steps" ... there was no question of his Government approaching terror as a phenomenon linked to any particular community ... --> its called psuedo-secularism, minority appeasement.

This contrasts with the response of Prime Minister Vajpayee to the genocidal violence in Gujarat in 2002 -->
genocide: n. the deliberate killing of a very large number of people from a particular ethnic group or nation
The official death toll says 793 Muslims and 253 Hindus died as a result of the violence. Although more muslims dies, the number of hindus who died is also substantial. But CBCNN will forever use the adjective "genocide" while referring to Gujarat. This is the communist style of "truth by repeated assertion". Contrast this with how it calls internationally recognized Islamic terrorists as "millitants".

A modern secular state representing an ancient, multi-streamed civilisation, which has had a relatively successful record of maintaining a harmonious coexistence of various communities ...
Notice how any mention of the word "Hindu" is cleverly avoided here.

Terrorism in India is the specific product of local and regional circumstances, and of communal and extremist ideologies of different kinds. There is a cross-border dimension to it; but this must be seen in proportion and must not become a catch-all explanation.
The local and regional circumstances that I am aware of are based on communism. The communal and extremist ideologies relate to Islam. The cross-border dimension is again entirely within the perimeter of Islam. So a more appropriate phrase to describe terrorism in India is Islamo-Communist terrorism. And CBCNN is the media wing of this terrorist network.

Terrorism tends to menace society typically during periods when the political system deviates from the pursuit of secular and democratic policies and from the rule of law.
Terrorism is an offspring of extremist ideology. Also, when the political system deviates from the pursuit of secular and democratic policies, it tends to communism.

That the fallout of the Varanasi and Mumbai atrocities was swiftly contained is, in good measure, due to the sober response of a political authority ...
Comparing apples to oranges to arrive at a predetermined conclusion.

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