Thursday, August 17, 2006

Pallavi Aiyar having a high

Comrade Pallavi Aiyar's articles are particularly damning about India. She starts off in her usual venemous fashion; her presupposition that Indians are enamored by the China reflects on her poor understanding of both worlds. I suggest she do a study on the Chinese 'Go-abroad-at-any-cost' industry to get her facts right. She might be able to find answers to why Chinese are trying to escape the paradise land of China.

Just as Mao's experiments resulted in millions of deaths, the expressways and rapid economic expansion have had a tremendous debilitating effect on the poor farmers. I hope you are not expecting the Chinese government's mouthpiece to report on the frequest major uprisings by the farmers.

Secondly, China's disregard for environmental safeguards clubbed with a skewed economic development model is resulting in environmental disaster of epic proportions : nobody's envy but everybody's concern.

Thirdly, the communist paradise of equality, China, now has a greater income disparity between the rich and the poor than in most capitalist economies; this is not surprising because China is a capitalist economy.

NEN is undoubtedly one of the primary reasons China has been able to tremendously improve the food security of the nation and Pallavi Aiyar tells us how:
Millions of migrant workers use these highways to make their way to more prosperous areas in search of jobs. Food security has improved unimaginably.
Food security is improving because farmers are migrating to more prosperous areas while all those billions of dollars have resulted in six-lane expressways (that) are often totally traffic-free — surreal, immaculate roads to nowhere.

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