Monday, August 28, 2006

"India & World" section review

There are 2 articles in this section: the first one is about Pakistan and the second about China. We all know what the second article would be about. After all, this is the Chinese National Newspaper.
For those of you who are not aware of CBCNN's stance on Pakistan, it is not all that hard to guess. Pakistan is China strategic ally to contain India. So CBCNN is biased towards Pakistan. N.Ram and Shekhar Gupta were the two editors from India who went to Pakistan to enjoy Musharraf's hospitality and it is during this trip that Shekhar Gupta famously assured Musharraf not to worry about BJP as "he would take care of it".
While the communist leanings of CBCNN are very well established, the pro-Pakistani tilt is more subtle. CBCNN's deceitful art of journalism cant stand any scrutiny. The format is almost always the same. One side of the story is reported objectively in an attempt to project intellectual superiority. The other side of the story, you would expect, would be an alternative viewpoint. But this where CBCNN's "Heads I win, Tails you lose" is so evident.
Look at the first article. Pakistan's viewpoint is presented in a balanced and objective way. Musharraf's sincierity stands out so prominently. India's viewpoint is totally absent. But the particularly damning part is the last statement:
India denied the first allegation(of ceasefire violation) saying there had been no such incident.
While it is not explicitly stated, the suggested conclusion is that India did not deny the second allegation because it is most probably guilty in the second incident. This is a totally baseless statement but it cleverly pushes the burden of proof to India thus putting it on defensive.
This approach, so often used by the communists, is the hit-and-run tactics. When presented with evidence, they would run away or confront you with another such baseless statement.
CBCNN represents the nadir of intellectual prostitution.

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