Saturday, December 13, 2008

Zardari's stand up comedy act continues

In what seems to be a daily occurrence Pak's PM and Comedian-in-Chief appears to be hitting gear in stride. In a recent announcement, Chindu's favorite Islamic terrorist leader claimed,
There is no supportive interaction with our intelligence (agencies) and the LeT. Lashker-e-Taiba happens to be a banned organisation in Pakistan

Let me ask you a question Mr. Zardari, have you been completely healed from your foot-in-the-mouth disease? Last time you made such a bold statement, you had to beat a hasty retreat.
How is it that after decades of an unholy alliance were you able to make such a push?
Didn't the same thing happen after 9/11 when your old pal Mushy made a claim to gather all the 'non-state actors' supporting the Taliban and Al Qaeda?
More one-liners from Zardari included bits like,
the Indians have given us very little information. I have offered to the Indians that we will do a joint investigation into this Mumbai incident and if it leads anywhere, we will take action.

Or that his puppet regime was the true ruler of Pakistan,
Democracy controls Pakistan. All the players understand that democracy is the only way.

Maybe MMS in true style should start calling Gen. Kayani, than this buffoon with little more than bombastic statements.

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