Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Thoughts about the Mumbai attacks from West Asia

In recent times a lot of blogs, including this one, have covered the terrorist attacks in Mumbai in great detail. They have provided perspectives from inside India, Pakistan and from other western countries.
But what about West Asia? What do the Iranians, Saudis and others think?
Chindu's Atul Aneja provides some details in an article, How West Asia views Mumbai attacks .
The article is reasonably succinct in summarizing the widespread thoughts among leading Middle-eastern media outlets as evinced in,
there is plenty of sympathy in the Arab and Iranian media for Pakistan, which is seen not as an instigator of the Mumbai attacks but as a victim of this conspiracy. There is a considerably large body of opinion that after the Mumbai attacks, the stage has been set for Pakistan to be targeted militarily during the Obama Presidency. The ultimate objective of a chain of events that could follow Mumbai is to draw both Pakistan and Afghanistan along with India firmly into the western orbit of influence.

The Iranians in their usual sense of paranoia blame the victims for the attacks without providing evidence.
The influential hardline Iranian daily, Kayhan, said on December 1 that India, the U.S., Britain and Israel were behind the Mumbai terror attacks.

A minor Saudi daily portends an Indo-US assault on the 'peaceful' Pakis,
The Indian brother may have already given the Americans a mandate to launch wars in the Indian subcontinent, whose management will be India’s responsibility, since it is possessed by the same ‘vengeance obsession’ that struck the Americans [in 2001].

However all this is overshadowed by the statements of Hezbollah in this context. The spokesman associated the incidents to Takfirs,
Takfiri ideas which make others targets of killing and aggression ... the deadly Takfiri thought has been tearing apart the body of the Muslim community, [has] inflicted massacres on them and shed much of their blood.

The larger issue though is the terrorist sympathetic thought process of most of the Middle eastern media which blames the US and Western forces, but does not offer any constructive solution other than asking for inaction from India. Thanks for your help Middle Eastern brothers.
When the terrorists hit Tehran or Mecca, we'll offer similar advice. Oh wait a second, there are already millions of them in those places so they'll find company there.


Pilid said...

The question is why our beloved Chindu is anxious to publish such rubbish. Why? And why not the Israeli accounts in well known newspapers such as Haaretz and Jerusalem Post which is more relevant given that Israel has long been a victim of terror itself and several Jewish and Israeli citizens died in these attacks? It speaks volumes for itself about the ideological agenda of the paper.

RM said...

Chindu may have inadvertently done us a favour by reporting the comments from Arab and Iranian press.

Anonymous said...

It is clear that chindu cares two hoots about what happens to India and "Indian state". It is more interested in furthering the commie ideology and iforming us of the tremendous progress china is making.
Also it seems to take a sadistic pleasure in watching hindus die!
Fvck with chindu and it's class of psiculars.