Sunday, December 14, 2008

Loss of Indo-Pak civilian contact regrettable says Chindu

There are hundreds of families who's lives were changed for the worse after the Mumbai incidents. People who have lost loved ones, lives scarred. However Chindu's Nirupama Subramanian,another BHL (bleeding heart liberal) is deeply saddened by the loss of 'civilian' contacts.
Certainly, more Pakistanis went to India but there were lots of Indians too who travelled to Pakistan.

Really like who? A measure by the Government to regulate potential terrorists from entering the country is also being slammed. There has been enough evidence to show that there was significant on-site analysis by the terror groups before the attacks and that most of the aggressors had support already in place. So logically it would appear they have misused India's offer of peace to stab its people in the back. But Chindu's bleeding heart diva Nirupama thinks otherwise.
Measures to liberalise the visa regime between the two countries, discussed in detail between the two home secretaries in Islamabad just a day before the Mumbai terror began, now seem like a distant dream.

At every level India needs to blackball Pakistan and its people. If we are not going to attack them as said by Hon.Pranab Mukherjee, we need to make their lives miserable and make that country go bankrupt as soon as possible.

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Anonymous said...

These bleeding heart liberals would seem to want our country perpetually bleed. It is somewhat funny to invent a separate class of Pakis, i.e. ordinary people, innocent and harmless, as against the bad Pakis, all-powerful military (including ISI) and the mad jihadis. All the anti-Indian Pakis (including the politicos) necessarily spring out of the general Paki citizenry.

Even if the (illusionary) ordinary Pakis have apparently nothing to do with the jihadis, it is not our problem. These people have to reap the consequences of tolerating/abetting such a violent and wicked system in their country.

As if Chindu's own reporter is not enough, Today's Chindu carries an interview with an intellectual Paki, Pervez Hoodbhoy, who according to Chindu, is a distinguished scientist and a consistent voice for peace, democracy, and friendly relations between Pakistan and India etc. etc.

Here is a sample:

Q) What should India do and what is your forecast for the region?

A) India should not attack Pakistan. Instead, it should work for a stronger Pakistan. If Pakistan implodes, the flaming debris will set India on fire. India should not think of even a pin-prick attack...........

You have heard it now. India should work for a stronger Pakistan! Sweet nuclear blackmail and unsolicited advice.

"India should work for a stronger Pakistan, says Pervez Hoodbhoy."