Saturday, December 06, 2008

Pakistan's clock is ticking

Apparently somewhere Indian politicians and bureaucrats found some b*lls to force Pak into action.
I never thought, I'd read these words in the Chindu,
Islamabad to formulate plan to act against Lashkar-e-Taiba

After all the apologetic positioning by Chindu about Pakistan's so called innocence in the whole sordid affair, with the metaphorical gun being put to Pak's head by both India and the US, Chindu reports the obvious that LeT was involved with the ISI in planning and operating the Mumbai terrorist attack.
Even US politicians like McCain are sympathetic to India and appear resigned to the fact that India would retaliate.
This is India’s 9/11. We cannot tell India not to act when that is what we did, asking the Taliban to hand over Osama Bin Laden to avoid a war and waging one when they refused to do so,

However that article written by Nirupama Subramanian titled, McCain warns Pakistan of Indian air strikes does not have a single statement direct or implied where there is evidence of India's retaliatory air strikes. Such articles steaming with lack of logic appears to be Chindu's style these days.


Pilid said...

All the newspapers and news outlets have reported this so-called 'plan' (taken from this WP news item) to deal with the Lashkar and arrest its operatives. What must not be lost sight of is that this charade of arresting these men (such as Hafiz Saeed and Masood Azhar) has been carried out before in 2001 (when the LeT was banned by then President Musharraf) only to be released quietly later on on the plea that his detention was not justified given the 'lack of evidence'. There is a very good possibility that this time too, the same thing may happen after a month or two in jail. In the meantime, the organization itself will continue to operate as usual even with its top leadership in jail. It has all been done before. I am very skeptical whether there is anything more to it this time. In the meantime, this news item tells us of the very high level contacts that Hamid Gul and other defenders of the jihad continue to enjoy (giving them access to confidential information that would surely frustrate any plan before it is executed) which suggests how any 'plan' is likely to be a token one that we must rightfully be very skeptical about. Also, one is left to wonder why ISI personnel are guarding the LeT headquarters rather than ordinary cops if there is no connection between them as their government claims.

Anonymous said...

There you go. If people thought that there is no real, meaningful counsel to GoI, then they got it wrong.

Here is Chief with a loadful of wisdom:

"India should build international pressure on Pakistan to hand over those who masterminded the Mumbai terror attack by going to the United Nations Security Council under Resolution 1373, N. Ram, Editor-in-chief of The Hindu, said on Sunday. Resolution 1373, adopted by the Security Council in September 2001, is a counter-terrorism measure that mandates member-countries of the U.N. to initiate steps to curb terrorist activities."

UN resolution 1373, 99999 or 000000, Chief knows very well that it would not work:

"The elected civilian democratic government in Pakistan is weak, and the ISI, which is controlled by the Army, is only nominally answerable to the President."

In the true Gandhian way, perhaps we should not only show the other cheek but also any number of cheeks that we are able to gather and be proud paragons of pacifism, as Chief would advise us:

"Mr. Ram criticised the view that a military attack against Pakistan was the answer to the Mumbai terror attack. This will only escalate tension and also create an international crisis, he said."

He goes on to comfort the 'weak' Pakis that the Indians are reluctant to pursue the UN option because "they (GoI) are afraid that the Kashmir issue might get linked with this, Mr. Ram said."

Chief is not Chief if he doesn't offer gratuitous advice on secularism:

Expressing concern over communalism making it to the central stage of politics in the country of late, he said, "You cannot fight terrorism unless you set your own house in order by treating all people equally."

India is afraid of the Kashmir issue and communalism at home. Hence, the "weak Paki govt." need not worry and gladly continue to sponsor any number of terrorist attacks on the communal Indians.

So, Chindu has demonstrated that it is strictly neutral in dealing with terrorism and Indo-Pak relations. He may as well be the next Paki ratna awardee if there is one, or such an award can be created so as to make him the first recipient.

"Use U.N. Security Council Resolution 1373 to bring pressure on Pakistan, says N. Ram"

Anonymous said...

Not sure if this news came in Chindu. Anyhow, Chindu (along with the rest of the secular media) has already laid a solid foundation to this kind of "mischievous and misleading" reporting (as the Indian govt. put it):

Chinese media sees Hindu link to 26/11, India irked

The Indian government has taken "serious note" of a "mischievous and misleading" report on the Mumbai terror strike by a Chinese journalist in the People's Daily which speculated that "Hindu youth" could be behind these attacks.

"Although the terrorists are not yet identified, such analysis is offering a new angle to the motives and counter-measures for such terrorist strikes," the report claimed.

The People's Daily report echoed speculative stories in sections of the Pakistani media that sought to blame Hindu extremists for the Mumbai attacks.