Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Foundation for a pragmatic policy towards the terrorist state of Pakistan

It is time for all Indians to recognize Pakistan as the global harbinger of terror and treat them accordingly. If the recent acts of aggression of Mumbai do not prompt this action then nothing will. A friend forwarded this article, '8 things India Inc, govt must do against Pakistan' by R Vaidyanathan, who is a professor of finance and control, Indian Institute of Management-Bangalore.
This article contains a very pragmatic analysis and approach which the mandarins in the North block should heed and was published on Rediff(I'm sure Chindu would've blocked this at the germination stage).
Some excerpts,
Recognise and treat Pakistan as a terrorist state. The state policy of Pakistan is terrorism and their single-point programme is to destroy India.

About the Pak's army not try to think of Pakistan without its army, irrespective of who rules that country temporarily and nominally. At least 70% of the market capitalisation of the Karachi stock exchange is owned by the army and related groups.

About the people within India who support Pakistan,
There are three groups in India, who are obsessed with friendship with Pakistan. One is the oldies born in that part before partition and who are nostalgic about the Lahore havelis, halwas and mujras. The second is the Bollywood and other assorted groups, who look at it as a big market. The Dawood gang has financed enough of these useful idiots. The third is the candle light holding bleeding heart liberals (BHLs) who cannot imagine India doing well without its younger brother taken care of.

This issue needs to be tackled now with the government, sane citizens and members of the media should initiate action against this failed terrorist state.


Pilid said...

This is a difficult problem. It is said that many of the LeT camps have already relocated to Waziristan. We can still strike Muridke but it will be more symbolic than real. Camps can be quickly reconstructed if they so choose, a very likely outcome given the increased amity between the jihadis and the armed forces in such a situation. And of course, if war comes, we have to face it but again, the question is even if we win the war, what do we expect to achieve? We cannot govern their country but must let them run it; we certainly cannot occupy it for by doing so, we will face terrorist attacks daily. Out of all the hatred that war will generate, a jihadi dominated dispensation at the helm is feared. Its a tough nut to crack.

Vaidyanathan's arguments are unworkable. Some of the counterpoints have been made by Acorn. Richard Clarke recently made the case in a WP discussion that designating Pakistan as a terrorist state will not do any good. It will take away whatever little influence the international community has over the ruling dispensation of that country. That likely means the jihadis will have a much easier time and will run wild. Of course, the Big Powers are worried if the Pakistani government runs out of money and collapses (designating it a terrorist state means they will not be entitled to the kind of loans they are getting from the IMF), they will start to hawk nuclear technology in the global black market - something, they will not want and will therefore not pursue.

Anonymous said...

"Vaidyanathan's arguments are unworkable." Of course, we can go on and on, taking the safe and trusted defeatist desi route. In the meantime, jihadi kids will gleefully launch as many attacks as and when they want. Burka, Sardesai & co. will have a great time getting excited, giving running commentary and preaching pacifism, along with candle burning.