Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Putting some bogeys to rest- the faces of Terror

The photo released by Mumbai Police of the terrorists who are all from Pakistan which should make our secular media shut the f*&k up.
Now what is the next step? Can we launch an offensive now?

Chindu will probably come out and state these are outliers and not your normal citizens from the friendly neighboring country and defend these terrorists. I can understand motives of groups like SIMI. But groups like LeT should not be allowed to expand and should be shut down immediately.
Wonder if MMS and Sonia Maino have the grit to do what is necessary.


Anonymous said...

Too bad all these young visitors to Mumbai are dead. Otherwise, they would have been defended by our Human Rights Brigade in a spirited and engaging way.

Pilid said...

The strategic objectives of a strike need to be carefully defined first. No one has proposed anything of the sort yet (at least in the media).

Dirt Digger said...

Thanks much.
There is still one of them who is alive, given the way the media has handled the Afzal Guru issue, this could recur here.

Dirt Digger said...

What would you qualify to be within the parameters of a strike?
I'd say hitting LeT for causing this issue, taking out Dawood and his cronies for implicit and explicit support and hitting Kashmiri terrorist camps as a punitive measure. This should be a bare minimum of a strike to put fear into these a-holes.