Thursday, February 22, 2007

Sonia wins "decency" award from Khare

A way out of the logjam
Seeing the numerous awards being doled out to film personalities, Khare decided to come out with an award for politicians - the "decency" award. After licking Sonia's boots clean, he awarded the "decency" award to Sonia for having the most "decent" pair of boots. Meanwhile, Man-moron ran to the nearby church to buy a baptism certificate to come back just in time to be anointed as the PM.


Anonymous said...

why does n.ram support the communist parties in general ? i think he is getting a lot of covert money from china.

he went on a trip sponsored by china to tibet in the early 1990's. i wonder what happened over there.

i read somewhere that his paper was running a loss of 15 crores in jan 2001.

i seriously think that ib or other intelligence agencies should investigate ram.

--- a long time reader of hindu.

Anonymous said...

I am so sad that you make fun of our good friend, "Khare." In Marathi, the name means, "Truthful." It is true that Sonia Gandhi is a decent human being The only indecent act she has performed, so far, is to marry that idiot, Rajiv Gandhi, an ordinary pilot in the Indian Airlines. Talking about indecency, in thoughts, if not in practice, it is the idecent way you have put this comment. I believe, you love to hate, whoever is this guy, Ram, awarding Sonia Gandhi his own little humiliating "Khare," award.

...and I am Sid Harth

Prudent Indian said...

".and I am Sid Harth."
Dear friend, you're knowledge is reflected well enough by this,"whoever is this guy, Ram,".
You know what? N.Ram is the greatest 'secularist' ever 'incarnated' in this wretched place called HINDUSTAN.But for him,this 'communal' country would have gone to devils (If you leave out Kerala and Bengal,Please!) as it has already.By the way,I liked your name.
Well,I sure agree about the 'indecent' act,but other way around,it was rajiv's fault to marry sonia - the baliddan devi.LOL.