Friday, February 02, 2007

Bigoted "Anti-Hindu"

When bigotry blocks the truth

which is a good part of the reason why cinema owners in Gujarat are terrified of showing Parzania.

"The Anti-Hindu" shows what a bigoted paper it is.


Anonymous said...

i agree. the commie logic of painting everthing anti hindu as a class struggle against oppression (these 'oppressed' ruled us for a thousand years) is quite the official line these days. i appreciate your effort.

Anonymous said...

I am "the-anti-Hindu-Hindu-Brahmin." The Name is Sid Harth. I love you "ugly-old-goats," commenting on something that you hardly understand. "Anti Hindu?" Who said that? Reality, my boys, is what you don't see. It is neither Parzania, a movie issue, nor it is "anti-Hindu" issue. It is a fact that Gujarat government of saffron simians have taken steps to whitewash the truth. Mahatma Gandhi would weep at such flagrant display of supidity.

"satyameva jayate."

...and I am Sid Harth