Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Congress crushed; N.Ram squeaks

Moderate setbacks to Congress

N.Ram calls the Congress performance in polls as "moderate setback" while Indian express calls it
crushing defeat.

Anti-incumbency verdicts seem to be the rule in Indian elections

N.Ram starts off with an excuse for Congress' defeat. Its never Congress' fault if they lose. For some reason, this logic doesn't work with BJP.

BJP ... has however failed to capitalise fully on the negative factor and score a convincing victory

Yes, BJP's victory is no victory. Lets celebrate for Congress' increase in vote share.

...chauvinistic politics of the SAD and the BJP

Here goes the b.stard with baseless allegations. Why is SAD/BJP politics chauvinistic? Any reasons? Is it because it is not an ally of CPI(M)?
What the heck, let me go ahead and call N.Ram a bloody terrorist.

This can be attributed to a combination of factors: `anti-incumbency' (which is not much of an explanation and only begs the question), the inescapable in-feuding, and, most importantly, a lethal rise in the prices of essential commodities.

N.Ram does a full u-turn and says anti-incumbency is not a sufficient justification and goes ahead to list the real reasons. By now, he must have realised his communist priorities of supporting only the left.

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Anonymous said...

Ok. In case folks still find it confusing, let's put it in plain and simple words. When I win (even with a minor margin and that too as an alliance), I win with a Massive (secular) Mandate and when I lose (Miseraably), I do so Moderately. What is important is that these qualifying words all start with the alphabet M, the same one as in Marxist.