Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Election strategy for Congie victory

A long countdown has begun

Khare once again outlines what the Congress must do to achieve elctoral success. He starts off by terrorizing us for BJP's electoral success. Then the Left is touted as the saviour of "aam aadmi". And then his prescription for Congress:

1. The UPA allies must be mindful of "coalition dharma" i.e. they must support Congress unconditionally.
How about the Left?

2. Congressmen must stop petty politicking.

3. Sonia Gandhi must learn many lessons.

4. The advisers must function as eyes and ears of "high command".
I thought that is exactly what the boot-lickers did. They supported Sonia Gandhi and not Congress as is evident from the glee they expressed when the Prime Minister's public meetings in Punjab were poorly attended as compared with Ms. Gandhi's rallies. Khare here is clearly working on the assumption that Congress is Sonia and Sonia is Congress.

5. The partymen must drop factionalism and the institutionalised small-mindedness.
Khare tells us Congress is a terrible organisation but he clings on to this dead weight.

6. Congress needs a massive purge.
Khare says Congress must not be Congress any more.

7. Ms. Gandhi will need to let the party know what plans she has for her son, Rahul Gandhi.
Hail the dynasty. At this point, let us understand why Rahul is important for Congress.

The current state of suspended expectations is demoralising to the cadres and the leaders alike. The party needs to be educated that young Rahul Gandhi has no magic wand, and that organisational revival hinges on hard work and dedication from one and all.

Khare says Rahul Gandhi is not the answer; every single congressman must work hard for the party's revival. So Rahul is irrelevant. Then why do we need to ressurect him? Khare contradicts himself too many times just like most communists. But Khare is special because he can do that within the space of a few words.

8. Sonia Gandhi must not function as the Leader of the Opposition.
Whatever that means. Did anyone see BJP?

9. Start preparing for next parliamentary elections, which are two and half years away.

10. Re-discover the rationale of the arrangement put together in May 2004.
Stick to the UPA coalition of opportunistic politics.

11. Dont render Dr.Sonia-sharan Singh a lame-duck Prime Minister.
Has he not been one from the start?

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Anonymous said...

Instead of getting desparate time and again, whenever the "communal" forces get the upper hand (in democratically contested elections, of course), Chindu comrades should try to float a unique all India secular party, which can be aptly named as PSP (Praja Secular Party or Pseudo-Secular Party, if the secularists prefer). This would be better than sermonising to a reluctant, power-detesting, sacrifice-minded naturalised Mataji.