Saturday, March 26, 2011

Twisting wikileaks - Jaitley's remarks

Its one thing to make blatantly illogical statements analyzing current affairs like how Sidd V does in his columns in cHindu. Its absolutely ridiculous to portray the words of an American diplomat as fact.
( Thanks to fellow blogger Nationalizer for the heads up)
The article clearly states Jaitley's statement which reads:
In India's northeast, for instance, Hindutva plays well because of public anxiety about illegal migration of Muslims from Bangladesh. With the recent improvement of Indo-Pak relations, he added, Hindu nationalism is now less resonant in New Delhi, but that could change with another cross-border terrorist attack, for instance on the Indian Parliament,

However it chose to provide credence to the statement of the diplomat who claimed:
Pressed on the question of Hindutva, Jaitley argued that Hindu nationalism ‘will always be a talking point' for the BJP. However, he characterized this as an opportunistic issue

This is yellow journalism at its best. Shame on cHindu for distorting facs and not providing accurate explanations. Thankfully with Twitter people have challenged LiC and his minions to answer to facts. Though they still have proven to not be accountable.


Thyagarajan said...

I was also also not fully convinced about "The Hindu"s role on the Wikileaks. Initially I thought they are getting back to their investigative journalism of Bofors era. However it is strange that the US has only good things or nothing to state about the Leftists (about Karat for instance). I smelled rat and then. May be this is the case of selective investigation and twisting of words to suit their interpretations.

Anonymous said...

Here is something for "The Hindu" in case they run out of steam or get tired with Wikileaks.

"China executed more people than rest of world combined: Amnesty"

China sentenced thousands of people to death last year even as the rest of the world's combined number dropped, Amnesty International said on Monday