Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pearls from Kasim Sait

This regular reader of cHindu has never disappointed in entertaining us with his pearls of wisdom. He is a veritable modern day Socrates in his analysis and unfailing ability to always side with the judgment made by cHindu. Here's his latest on Wikileaks -
The BJP's propensity to misuse Hindu nationalism and its not-so-hidden support to the Indo-U.S. strategic relationship, have been reinforced by the India Cables. However, the most amusing part is the glee of the Congress leaders in the BJP's discomfiture. Should they not worry about the corroborative evidence in the cash-for-votes scam provided by the earlier cables? Amid all the somersaults indulged in by the Congress and the BJP, should not we laud the sincerity and honesty of Prakash Karat who not only stuck to the declared ideological stand of his party during his interview referred to in the cable but has also been forthright on the happenings during the UPA-1 regime, which led to the Left's withdrawal of support?

Laud the sincerity of Karat? Bashing BJP on its agenda? The writer can surely do better than trumpet the old mantras of LiC and minions.

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Xinhua Ram said...

:) .. i wonder what comrade sait does for a living