Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Hypocrisy between Libya and Saudi Arabia, China

A layman cannot distinguish between Saudi and Libya if the names were removed from this article. However the media chooses to remain passive in the case of one and acting with moral repugnance on the other. Where is the equanimity on the situation of people in both these countries?
The kingdom banned all demonstrations saying they contradicted Islamic laws and society values, according to a statement issued by the Interior Ministry. The new clampdown came a day after about 100 members of the Shia minority staged a protest in the western region of the kingdom.

Its one thing to complain about dictatorship, but to give a free pass to the country which has been in the forefront of sponsoring terrorism in many parts of the world, that is ridiculous. Or for that matter cHindu's favourite nation of cHina


Xinhua Ram said...

Well for that matter EnRam's "sasural", PRC

Dirt Digger said...

Well said! Yup the Chinese always get a free pass with cHindu.

Xinhua Ram said...

ABVP men beat up MP lecturer:




Chindu's reporting "stands out".