Sunday, March 20, 2011

Story of Indian crabs(diplomats) at the UN

There's common lore of a group of crabs sent in a box. The lid was open but none of the crabs escaped. It was not due to the fact that these crabs were too disciplined or lazy or unfocused. It was because they were too busy pulling each other down that they did not escape.
The cHinduLeaks provides a great story in real life of how our own UPA government decided to undermine its UN representative.
Accessed by The Hindu through WikiLeaks, the cable ( 64794: confnoforn) sent on May 19, 2006 by Mr. Wolff reports that Mr. Malhotra criticised Mr. Sen for taking a confrontational approach to the U.S. government. Not just that. Mr. Malhotra indicated he had been sent specially to counter the Permanent Representative. He told the U.S diplomat that he had — and would use — a “direct line” to New Delhi to ensure U.S.-India co-operation in New York.

This is precisely the kind of journalism we expect from cHindu. Good work by Nirupama Subramanian and Suresh Nambath. Lets hope there's follow up action to this article to put the UPA's feet to the fire.


Xinhua Ram said...

Does EnRam control if these are published or not?

Manmohan Misleading: Julian Assange

'The most serious issue in the cable, I suspect, is yet to be revealed. There is quite a bit of time to go through the material: the material from Pakistan, China. It is likely to be of interest to the Indian population. We are working to have those published'

Anonymous said...

With Modi's political fortunes fading, the BJP leadership may decide at the appropriate time to quietly cast him aside.

12. (C) BJP and Sangh Parivar calls for Indians to rally around Modi have not cowed his opponents, who continue to demand his dismissal. The generally anti-America ""Hindu"" characterized the visa episode as ""an additional setback"" for Modi, predicting that he is ""in for a long hot summer.""

This "confidential" cable was written in 2005 by the US Embassy at Delhi, with generous reference to The Hindu. And Modi has since then seen several "hot summers" not withstanding the diganosis that Modi's political fortunes were fading.